NPC Processing

NPC is a protein processor focused on selling portioned/ground/seasoned/cooked products to multi-unit restaurants, meal kit providers, and grocery chains. It operates in an extremely competitive field where price, quality and sourcing can be complex.

My relationship with NPC began as its new processing facility was being built in 2012. What started as a random, drive-by, cold call for me, turned into 3 hours walking the construction site with the owner. I learned NPC had very little to describe their capabilities except for some letterhead and a tag-line that said “Meat the Best.”

Fast forward to present day: The owner and I have defined the company, built retail, and landed many, multi-million dollar accounts. It can be said, and I believe equally so, that the two of us have grown collectively in very big ways. Our partnership, defined over beer and luck and endless travel, has resulted in extreme successes. An outsider once described us as Batman & Robin—laughable, but a sincerely fitting statement.

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