CMI Equipment & Engineering

CMI fabricates both small and large food processing equipment for the produce, wet salad, pasta and canned food industries. The equipment is solid, industry-proven, maintenance-friendly; each unit being a reliable workhorse. However, competing with high-tech machinery both domestically and abroad was challenging, even if CMI’s equipment performed better. Additionally, CMI actually offered more comprehensive, complete solutions than its competitors which was often overlooked and missed opportunities for additional sales.

CMI’s story and capabilities needed to be told visually—as it was extensive but unknown. After countless trips to various processing facilities, it made sense to position the company as a turnkey processing line manufacturer. Digitally rendering most every piece of equipment (60+) allowed for 360º rotation/animation and processing line illustrations, which ultimately allowed CMI to share their depth of offering, experience and quality instantly.

From web to catalog to equipment re-designs, it was a game-changer for sales opportunities. The company doubled the size of their manufacturing space within two years.

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