The Chocolate Butcher

The Chocolate Butcher®, started as a side project—a blend of my consulting history in the chocolate, machinery and meat industries. I am in the midst of searching for an established company to help bring further infrastructure for growth.

The Chocolate Butcher® represents simplicity at its core—anti-fancy. Great chocolate made for everyday consumption as a snack. Specialty chocolate is currently a treat, an indulgence, a luxury due to the packaging and romance of storytelling. The Chocolate Butcher® flips that ideology and delivers an authentic, no non-sense, easy-to-eat, potato-chip like, fragmented, chopped chunk that can be enjoyed by the piece (or melted). No company has done this before. The Chocolate Butcher® brown-bags “fancy” chocolate to be casually enjoyed, much like cheese, nuts and fruit.

The product is currently manufactured in my facility and sold in select grocery chains within the greater New England area. It is also offered through Amazon.

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