Birnn Chocolates

Birnn manufactures chocolate truffles for retailers and private label accounts on a national level. Prior to the transfer of the business to the fourth generation of family, I consulted closely with the owners-—two brothers, with desks only a few feet apart.

Birnn is a jewel of a business. It is one of the most streamlined and self-sustaining operations I have seen. They do one thing, and one thing really well—make great truffles with “laser focus.”

To change Birnn is a mistake. To innovate within Birnn is a mistake. To disrupt what is, is a mistake. However, I was hired to challenge the status quo and add some marketing polish—which coincidentally, led to a greater understanding of who Birnn wanted to be and ultimately is today.

Collectively we grew in a number of unexpected ways, but as for the achievements, we built new product lines and shored-up a much stronger national customer base. The relationship evolved to where I felt as if I had a desk within arm’s reach of the brothers, as it was a team effort and more.

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